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Little Peanut Makes a Baby Judity Kammeraad
Little Peanut Makes a Baby

Teach Me Too -- Judith Kammeraad
Teach Me Too

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Dear friends, Dear readers,

I’m glad you stopped by. Welcome to my virtual home!

Judith and TeddyI’ve always possessed an outrageous imagination and a desire to share my fantasies. Ever since I could do so I’ve loved to read, and before that my dad charmed me and terrified me with his nightly tales. I became a lifelong story-teller. As a teacher, I made use of my own stories and poems. I’ve been writing full-time for years now, producing dozens of stories and novellas and three novels.

During summer 2015 my first submitted novel Teach Me Too is coming out from Secret Cravings. At last I can take people with me on my wild rides.

I enjoy a story that features

  • a hot, vulnerable hero who isn’t afraid to cry and will do anything for the one he loves
  • a strong though flawed heroine who doesn’t give up on what she wants
  • a canvas of realistic characters who have strong, complicated connections
  • passions that break your heart and stir your soul, with heat so strong you have to take your sweater off to read it.

You too?

You can be part of my journey by checking this website for updates and publication information. I will post buy links as soon as I can. Please sign up for my newsletter for the very latest, too, and peek in at my blog from time to time.  In addition, you can see me on Facebook and leave a message on my e-mail.

Whether you came on purpose or stumbled in, thanks for the visit. Do come back.



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