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Peanuts Makes it Real -- Judith Kammeraad

lVolume 3 of the trilogy Little Peanut’s Wild Ride

In volumes 1 and 2, Little Peanut dealt with the birth of a new brother and a family death. This time, he reaches puberty. Will he survive it?

For Peanut, growing up with an over-active mind is an adventure with lots of fallout. An accelerated learner, Peanut is driven to figure out life and beyond. With his creativity, he comes to brilliant deductions—and wrong conclusions. He lacks the experience to keep up with his soaring ideas, so he is always doomed to hilarious errors.

Now twelve-years-old and in the ninth grade, Peanut faces events that cause real life to come crashing in on him in personal and embarrassing ways. He can’t think his way out of acne, body odor, money problems, serious illness, or the eerie placement of a new hair. However, his creativity and imagination are always on site and take him on head-scratching turns. With puberty gnawing at him, his goofy mis-steps become costly as they endanger others as well as him personally, but when will he feel the hurt down deep and personal? Most of all, will Peanut be ready when he finds out girls are people too?

Peanut Makes It Real, book three of Little Peanut’s Wild Ride

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When Puffy Died -- Judih Kammeraad

Illustrated by NikaLemut, Published by I Heart Publishing
Genre:Humor, child development, family life

For children with a wild imagination and adults who love them.

Book 2 of Little Peanut’s Wild Ride

Brother Goober has set Peanut thinking further about the mysteries of life—and death. Why can’t things last forever? Now a school boy, Peanut’s circle of older classmates and his imagination get him into plenty of misadventures, including an attempt at bringing dead worms to life, reenacting the rising Phoenix, the pastor’s call of Hell fire, and exploding his dad’s grill. Will Daddy explode too? Peanut’s family goes all out to avert—and clean up—his debacles. When a family pet dies, mortality turns real, and Peanut must face mind-shattering grief. Comfort comes in unexpected ways.

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Little Penut Judit Kammeraad

Author Interview here


For Peanut, growing up with an over-active mind is an adventure with lots of fallout. An accelerated learner, Peanut is driven to figure out life and beyond. With his creativity, he comes to brilliant deductions—and wrong conclusions. He lacks the experience to keep up with his soaring ideas, so he is always doomed to hilarious errors. Worse, he feels it’s up to him to find the keys to the Ways of the World and unlock all doors to make things right. Fortunately, his quirky family members and loyal dog are always at hand to ease Peanut’s passage through childhood. ... read more

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Ani's Lover -- Judith Kammeraad

Ani's Lover

Can Paradise survive?

John has trained Ani for the lead position in Ijland’s governing line. Dangerous times are ahead, with factions challenging the constitution and pristine ecology of the island nation, founded three centuries ago as a utopian island state with a constitution that championed free choice. Thomas Jefferson couldn’t have done better.

Ani’s body guard and mentor, John has taught her everything she needs to know, far beyond a liberal education and leadership, including how to be a playful and independent child, a trusted adult, and—one day--the mother of their homeland.
Personally, John has lost everything, including his family and his dreams, but little Ani has meant more to him than a child of his own. However, when she grows up, he faces losing her. Even worse, his love for her undergoes an alarming transformation, and he is compelled to do battle against their mature attraction. Now that she faces her coming of age rituals, Ani is a ripe, juicy fruit, and she wants more than just her calling. She wants John—with her heart, mind, and all the quivering, longing places in the middle. 

There are serpents here in Utopia. A murderous typhoon, enforced separations, vendettas against innocence, shipwrecks, assault, betrayal from those closest to them. Even their own guiltless actions.  As Ani and John overcome their challenges one by one, it appears Ani must make a damning choice. Her calling or her heart’s desire?

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HALF AN HALF ROSE -- Judith Kammeraad

HALF AND HALF ROSE -- from Black Opal Books.
Grief, passion, and the courage to forgive

HALF AND HALF ROSE is an edgy story about a quirky heroine and a sweet, hunky hero, married to each other and insatiably in lust. However, his boozing has fed Rose’s timid side and sabotaged her career.After binge drinking, Michael rolls the car on a forested Florida road, killing their unborn child. Neither can get past the tragedy.

Rose resolves to escape the charisma of her sweet, sexy soulmate in order to save herself, whereas Michael wants to hold on to her. Rose relocates to Ireland, where every new sight, sound, and situation elicits heart-jerking memories and fantasies of her soul mate. Her insights are less about the land of her heritage than about her own emotional journey and her need to change.

Michael keeps his mysterious issues close to the vest. Above all, he must reclaim the love of his life.He shadows her from across the ocean and turns up the temperature in Rose’s dreams and memories.

The stakes increase when he announces he has given up on her. Now that he’s changed his game, it’s up to her to pursue him. What will she do with him when she gets him?

A happy-ender about forgiveness and love that empowers the heartbrokento reach out for healing

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Teach Me Too -- Judith Kammeraad

View Video | Learn more

TEACH ME TOO -- from I Heart Publishing.

Angry students assault Lyla Grey at school and put an end to her career. She heads to Citrus County, Florida for a new life as governess on an orange and alpaca ranch. She recovers her professional confidence quickly, but rebuilding a normal life is out of the question. What is she supposed to do with a libido on overdrive and dread of...the scary part of men?

Even so, sweet, yummy looking Mark DuPree keeps her on a slow burn with his hungry, sad green eyes. He’s lost in running the ranch and dealing with vandalism, lifelong feuds, and his anger junkie father. She can’t seem to stop her loin-wrenching arguments with Mark..

Tending to the tattered emotions of those worse off than she is gobbles up Lyla’s obsession with herself. But will Mark help her overcome her past and teach her there’s nothing scary about loving after all?

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