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Teach Me Too -- Judith Kammeraad

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TEACH ME TOO -- from I Heart Publishing.

Angry students assault Lyla Grey at school and put an end to her career. She heads to Citrus County, Florida for a new life as governess on an orange and alpaca ranch. She recovers her professional confidence quickly, but rebuilding a normal life is out of the question. What is she supposed to do with a libido on overdrive and dread of...the scary part of men?

Even so, sweet, yummy looking Mark DuPree keeps her on a slow burn with his hungry, sad green eyes. He’s lost in running the ranch and dealing with vandalism, lifelong feuds, and his anger junkie father. She can’t seem to stop her loin-wrenching arguments with Mark..

Tending to the tattered emotions of those worse off than she is gobbles up Lyla’s obsession with herself. But will Mark help her overcome her past and teach her there’s nothing scary about loving after all?

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